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PHOTO PACKAGE: Weekend Protests Engulf U.S. Cities, Riots Declared In Seattle And Portland

ATTENTION EDITORS: This gallery is not language edited, photos have original agency captions. It is filed at internal TheHub site in GDB Pangea for your usage, to be copied/adapted to your sites. Protests in several cities across the United States turned violent on July 25 and 26, as nearly two months of unrest over police brutality and racial issues boiled over into renewed clashes between police and protesters. Across the country, dozens were arrested and police in some cities fired tear gas and pepper spray at protesters, some of whom were violent and destroying property.

In Seattle and Portland, police declared riots and made dozens of arrests as violent protests on July 25 spilled over into the early hours of the night. In Austin, Texas, a protester apparently armed with a rifle was shot dead on July 25 when he approached a car that protesters said attempted to push through demonstrators. Someone was shot and wounded in Aurora, Colorado, after a car drove through protests. In Louisville, Kentucky, police said three people were injured when a member of the Black militia accidentally discharged their firearm. The unrest July 25 and 26 stemmed from protests over racial injustice that flared up after death of George Floyd in Minneapolis late in May. The kindling for the latest protests appears to be President Donald Trump’s decision to deploy federal agents to some cities to protect government buildings under a "law-and-order" campaign directed at what he says are radical leftists and anarchists. Democrats have demanded federal agents withdraw from local jurisdictions. They say the president is using federal agents for political purposes and to discredit protesters.


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